Power of Partnerships: Part Three Running 4 Hope

Running 4 Hope

So, I don’t know if you all have noticed, but I’ve been M.I.A. for a couple of weeks.  And for good reason – I was in MIA. Yes, people. I found myself in the beautiful city of Miami, soaking in the sunlight and enjoying warmer temperatures on a much-welcomed vacation.  And I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Part of what made my vacation so nice was heeding the advice and suggestions of our restaurant waiter, Andres.  In addition to providing an outstanding dining experience, Andres represented for the city of Miami and ran down a list of must-sees and have-to-dos during our stay.  He even went as far as to offer driving and walking directions to some of his favorite hangouts. I mean this young gentleman really went above and beyond the call of duty.  To say the least, we were pleased with the customer service.

This pleasantly surprising experience made me think of how influential the actions of people are on each of us.  I thought about the fact that Andres could have simply brought our food, refilled our drinks, and smiled. Instead, something inside of him said, “Do more.”  His friendly disposition and inviting nature truly made navigating the city easier. Instances like this remind me how small exchanges with others have the opportunity to bring value to our lives in a particularly special way.

Sometimes it is exactly that, those small exchanges, the simplest things that turn out to be the most memorable.  There’s something inspirational about the willingness of someone to do more than what is asked of them “just because.”  It’s amazing what happens when we make a special effort to do something and when we go the extra mile. But what’s crazy is, it’s inside of all of us – the ability to put a smile on someone’s face.

Going the extra mile is what makes our communities prosper.  It’s the helping hand, the lent ear, the offered shoulder, the open mind, and the warm heart that makes a difference in all of our lives.  It is the willingness of people to give just a little more of themselves that sews the very fabric of this intricately woven quilt that we call, “community.”

We here at Hope Wanted believe in our communities and doing something meaningful, giving of ourselves, and going the extra mile each and every day to make them better.  This brings me to the reveal of our next program highlighted in the Power of Partnerships blog series: Running4Hope.  The Running4Hope program is a charitable event presented by Hope Wanted and its corporate partners.

Our newest initiative is a 5K plus one mile race.  Not only is the race free, but the first 5,000 people registered will receive a snazzy Running4Hope T-shirt.  Not a runner? That’s perfectly okay! Sponsor a runner or group of runners. Join the Hope Wanted organization in this great effort as we aim to make a positive change in our communities.  For more details about the run and to register, visit the Running4Hope page on our website and “Go the extra mile for HOPE.”

As always…stay informed and stay involved.

Author : Dr. P.K. Wayne