How we do it

Our organization serves as a charitable networking platform where people in need can find help, concerned neighbors can volunteer their assistance, and where fellow charities connect with people who need their services. Because of our efforts, those facing tragedy and trials do not have to navigate through a complex web of red tape, multiple websites, and automated phone menus. A simple call to our “HopeLine” or a click of the "Help Me" button puts those seeking help in touch with people who care. Hope Wanted exists to simplify the process for both charities and beneficiaries alike. We strengthen communities by connecting neighbors in need to neighbors with resources.

Our volunteers, called Ambassadors of Hope, man the phone lines and receive email inquiries to assist in the intake process. They help identify any and all areas of need, and then facilitate the process of restoring hope by matching the needs with the proper solution providers.

Our plan is to establish facilities we call “Hope Centers” across the nation. These centers will be places of refuge, sites for education and training, and bases for community grassroots operations.