We recognize that our challenge includes raising awareness about what we do, raising the level of consciousness about why (and how) people should get involved, and also raising money to help us deliver effective solutions. One of many outlets that we use to accomplish these tasks (while keeping the purpose of our existence “top of mind” for the people who help us to serve others) is by having Hope Parties.

A Hope Party, like any party, is a fun event but with a greater purpose. We use Hope Parties to help us identify areas of need while getting people involved and engaged with their community. Through these events, our guests tell us about people they know or have met who need help right there in their own area, or issues that concern them that need to be addressed in their neighborhoods. We also use it as a fundraising event where socially conscious people can make a tax-deductible donation to assist us in our efforts to facilitate change.

As a nonprofit, most of the money that we raise each year to assist those in dire need will go directly towards a specific cause, like cancer care, homeless services, or children’s protection and well-care. We call those Directed Donations. Our commitment is to make sure that 100% of the funds that are allocated to a specific cause go directly to that cause.

In order for us to keep our commitment of sending Directed Donations exactly where they are allocated to go, we have to have creative fundraising campaigns for Non-Directed Donations. These critically important gifts help us pay for all of our administrative costs like rent, utilities, staffing, and marketing, so that we are able to fulfill our purpose.

We encounter good people every day who have a heart for service and really want to do their part to help others. Unfortunately, because of their own busy lives, they just don’t have the time to clean up neighborhoods, help build houses, read to little kids, take seniors to the drug store, or serve meals to the homeless. Yet they still say, “How can we help, how can we get involved, how can we make a difference?” Well, we have a great solution. You can host a party for hope! That’s right, you can volunteer to host your own Hope Party.

As a volunteer Hope Party host, you will be in charge of planning and facilitating your event. This will include deciding on your theme and location, organizing vendors and activities, and of course, hosting your party. Once you have it all planned, let us know the date, time, and location of your party, and send us your guest list. (We suggest that you start with people that you know best.) We will send out the official invitations for you so that your guests will know who we are, what our mission is, and that they are being invited not only to have a great time, but also to attend this charitable fundraising event where they will be able to make tax-deductible gifts to our organization and make a difference. Because you are hosting the party for charity, your contributions, as well as the expense of putting your party together, is tax deductible.

To get started, please complete the registration form below and click on the link at the bottom to view our Party Host Agreement. Upon completing this, we will send you a username and password to access your personal Party Planning Page on our site, then you will be ready to start planning your Hope Party.

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