Why we do it

The ultimate goal of Hope Wanted is to change lives! Our loyal management team, committed staff, dedicated volunteers, and generous donors are all here for one reason: we want our efforts to have a profound effect on changing the lives of others.

We believe there is a connection between our own blessings and our obligation to be a blessing to others. We understand that we are fortunate to be surrounded by an abundance of resources including material possessions, knowledge, health, family and love. Sadly, we recognize that there are many others who are not as fortunate. No matter their circumstances, whether systematically disadvantaged or facing a very challenging dilemma at a particular point in life, they need help and they need hope.

We want to give that help; we want to offer that hope. We realize that our favorable position in life may not be because of our own efforts, but perhaps because of fate, or the labor of others, or even the gifts others have bestowed upon us. Truly understanding our own limitations increases our human desire to give towards helping empower others. We want to give back…we need to give back. At Hope Wanted that is the bottom line of why do we do what we do... we know that together we have the power to change lives!