Running4Hope (a 5K plus One Mile Race)

Running 4 Hope is a charitable event presented by Hope Wanted and its corporate partners.  This is a national event which takes place in various regional locations.  Our race is a 5K run with a unique twist - we are asking runners to run an additional mile.  Our theme is “Go the extra mile for HOPE.”

The run has a timed race section and a fun race section for less competitive runners.  For the timed participants, we will time both your 5k and your 5K + 1 mile splits.  Our corporate partners will be providing gifts for the fastest times in each running category at both the 5K and the 5K + 1 mile mark.

The Running 4 Hope race is FREE to all runners who register, but we are asking runners to help our fundraising efforts by soliciting their own sponsors.  A sponsor is a person or entity that pledges to donate on your behalf.  Our race is a 5K + 1 mile, so we are asking sponsors to give in units of six.  For example, a $1 pledge would be a gift of $6, a $3 pledge would be $18, a $10 pledge would be $60, and so on.  We will award prizes to the runners with the most money raised and the highest number of unique sponsors in each category.

Not only is the race free, but we will also provide free Running 4 Hope T-shirts to the first 5,000 people who register, and bibs will be given to all timed runners. The locations, dates, and times of our races in each region are still to be determined.

To register, fill out the form below and we will email you with more information.


If you prefer, you may email us directly at