Children's Services 

We believe in empowering and investing in our children.

The Children’s Services Division of Hope Wanted is dedicated to meeting the special needs of those who are too young to help themselves. The programs in this department are designed for children from birth to 12 years of age. We offer a wide range of programs and options that focus on issues like health, nutrition, fitness, education, day care, afterschool care, visual arts, music, and youth sports more..

Youth Services 

Today, young people face challenges like never before. Through our Youth Services Division, Hope Wanted offers unique programs designed to address the specific needs of our nation’s youth. From adolescents caught up in the foster care system to youth homelessness to the high school drop-out epidemic, Hope Wanted’s goal for these young people is to help them get on track and become productive adults who make positive contributions to society. more..

Adult Services 

Sometimes life can be overwhelming. When challenges arise, we may need a helping hand to get us through. Our Adult Services offer a wide array of programs and options for those who have found themselves in situations where they just need a little assistance, whether it’s because they’ve lost their job, lost their home, or because they are facing obstacles too great to overcome alone. Hope Wanted offers access to many services that help people deal with whatever issues life presents, with programs like job placement assistance, food banks, clothing closets, and even a community sharing center for personal resources. more..

Senior Services 

Our Senior Services Division is all about caring for those who cared for us. Together with our many service partners, we offer a variety of programs including medical assistance, transportation services, day care assistance, and volunteer opportunities for those seniors who would like to be more engaged. Although helping people of all ages is our mission, we place a special emphasis on offering programs that care for our seniors. The heroes of our past must not be neglected or forgotten. Hope Wanted is committed to serving those who gave of themselves to serve us. more..

Community Services 

Often it’s not just one person or one family that needs help. The Community Services division of Hope Wanted is here to assist entire neighborhoods, communities or groups in times of trouble or need. Communities might suffer tragic losses because of natural disasters or human error. Neighborhoods that once flourished can become overrun with crime, trash, vacant houses, and abandoned buildings. From projects as simple yet important as organizing volunteer neighborhood clean-ups, to more large-scale assistance like orchestrating massive disaster relief efforts, Hope Wanted is here. more..